Baby survives -24C temperature after Russian gas blast

Rescuers have pulled a 10-month-old boy alive from the rubble of a gas explosion in a Russian apartment block which killed at least seven people and left dozens feared trapped.

Emergency workers are facing a race against time to dig survivors out of the rubble of the blast with temperatures set to plunge as low as -24C (-17F).

Despite this the child was rescued from the site, although reports suggest the baby boy was seriously injured and her recovery prospects were unclear.

Immediately after being pulled from the rubble a medical worker appears to quickly inject the child with something before he is whisked away from the scene.

The explosion caused the partial collapsed of a nine-storey building in the southern Russian city of Magnitogorsk, where cries for help could reportedly be heard beneath the destroyed building.

Russian President Vladimir Putin travelled to the site of the explosion on Monday and visited the injured in hospital.

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